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This could really help the game ( QUEST IDEAS )

Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by JEDIMind, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. JEDIMind

    JEDIMind Air Elemental

    Apr 14, 2016
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    Going to try and describe how I see the quest playing out in game for you guys to see my vision on this.

    Step 1 - Town Criers will needed to be added to the world map in places blue and reds can access them.
    "Town Criers" are NPC that will start these quest. Each town crier will be different, so the one in wolf lands will give a different quest then the one in elf lands for example. For the sake of this post I'm going to say "Town Crier A" In Dwarf lands will give a quest for adding + whatever damage to a weapon ( I will come back to this )

    Step 2 - The quest itself. You can really add whatever mombojombo to the NPC you want. "Go here and get that, Find this thing, kill that thing" But it will come down to TWO(+) TASK - 1 PVP TASK 1 PVE TASK.

    Whatever one is first it should be pretty simple. How ever many people are in your party all go to the town crier, talk to him, and get the quest. The first part will say something like "Bring me a red gem or whatever shit"
    TO GET THIS RED GEM you must go out and take a village with your party ( THE PVP TASK )
    Once you take the village if you have the quest a special red gem will be place into your bag. You bring that back to the town crier and the next part of the quest is given. He then says "You must go out and kill so and so special mob" and give something to the party to make the mob spawn. The spawn will only be able to spawn with this item but once it spawns whatever group kills it gets the next quest piece.
    That reason is for purely pvp. After the special mob is dead he will give everyone in that party something to be taken back to the Town Crier to get the reward

    STEP 3 - THE ITEM ITSELF. Bpg this is where you cant fuck up. I will make it super simple for you guys....cosmetics. So for example - This town crier in dwarf lands is a weapon crafter, doing his quest will give you a HILT (aka ENCHANT ) That adds +11 dmg and a RED GLOW around your wep.
    The enchant itself should be better then a q5 by 1 or 2
    BUT the quest should only be allowed once a week.
    BUT there should be tons of quest you can do so even if you did a few a day you couldn't do them all in a week.

    YOU CAN LITTERLY ADD Tons of quest just base of enchants alone.

    Quest that adds feathers to your helm/chest ( 20.00 encumbrance enchant )
    Quest that adds fire around your staff ( +whatever fire elemental damage that works with mag enchant )
    Quest that glowing bow string ( keen chant for bows )
    Can go on for awhile but I hope you guys see what I mean.
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  2. ThiefGarrett

    ThiefGarrett Dire Zombie

    Apr 13, 2017
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    Some interesting ideas in here. Too bad you had to go and...
    throw insults in there. Gotta keep your head when writing suggestions if you want people to actually take notice.