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Portal chambers and villages

Discussion in 'Design Discussions' started by Andrew, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Sero

    Sero Cairn Giant

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Anything created will undoubtedly be prowled by wolves looking for food.

    Only way around this is by doing what has been suggested already and implementing safe zones for noobs to be able to farm low-mid tier mobs in peace. An arena would also distract higher tiered players from being a nuisance to noobs.

    You really can't use this as an argument, if something has value in the game, it should be fought over. Also the common tactic I seem to recall would be to just zerg em out ;)

    Also: A ranked Arena would also pit players against their equal skill level, but you know... yea.
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  2. Dixie Normus

    Dixie Normus Chosen of Khamset

    Sep 14, 2015
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    Hence they need to add things that have no value to the wolves.

    Believe me Sero I understand your way of thinking and playing I really do.

    My point is they need to add other stuff for people who play differently than you or I.

    I'm not against an arena or even a pubg style mini game that you can opt into kind of like the arena and ctf events that I've seen on some ultima online free servers. Stuff like this gets the competative players to play with like minded players and allows the casual players a break since the wolves are otherwise busy.

    You can say I can't use the argument all you want but it's true. No one will play if they always lose. Even top tier vets that's why the best players only duel each other on instead of. Fighting each other because even (or especially) they don't like losing pixels.
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  3. Donaddor Lightbringer


    Apr 11, 2016
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    Village portal network connecting holdings should allow port to all alliance holdings, feel that holding portal network should be brought back and expand to alliance network, making villages connecting holdings make port between free. Runebooks helps enough to allow clans to be in areas where they would want a holding. Don't NEED banks/holding in area, open world housing relates, eases issue of clans being able to be somewhat fortified in world. Attacker's alliance gets to build a set amount of holding assets around stones or control towers.

    Think Village should act like a portal network that allows to port to other allied holdings when connected. Still think you should be able to port between ur holdings, even allies with portal networks connected to villages making the port free or with less cost. Think capturing holdings for a port between holdings is a good enough thing to where if theres a few super powers owning a good spread across the world, that it wouldn't effect the persons travel to the area if ppl can sneak in and use their network, and that rune books would make it even easier to get to places, so having a holding there doesn't necessarily mean clans cannot be around there. They just wont have the banks and the tower unless they siege. Open world housing would also act as a kind of barrier multiple ppl can bind into and access a local bank at but think open world building atleast for during sieges would be ideal. With maybe atleast the official attacker's alliance being able to open world build one bank plus a set amount of zap towers/walls/wall towers/ect that surrounds their stones or a control tower.

    In relation to time for defenders get mobilized to village, village protection timer after win/lose based on good time clan can farm and reap bonus aswell as amount of time fair for re-challenge. Loot more represents whats you get in area's loot table. Set amount of baseline rewards and increased rewards over time aswell as if area was farmed within captured time even if it wasn't farmed, so longer uncapped villages, even if area isn't farmed, gets a baseline rewards increase.

    Think along time ago I felt like villages should have a minimum amount of time for the defenders to gather and get there, like 30 mins maybe 45 to an hour and that they should be able to keep it for an amount if time that would an ideal amount of time a clan could spent farming the area. Like maybe 6 hours or something around there. Then it can be challenged but if not it'll just remain theirs until challenged. Also felt like a kind of loot that relate to not only what is in the area, what the percentage that is actually gathered during the time it is spent captured, would be a good way to make a kind of loot table that could be potentially alot bigger, but should also ensure a kind of set amount of value from the housing aswell as a base amount of items to represent as if the area was farmed to a degree even if it wasn't, and likely may need a baseline village reward if smaller villages rewards aren't near enough to a fully placed village like Alhali. Giving like 540g a tick right now, which is basically13k total in gold for capture.

    Late village caps, 4-6 hours time frame so retake isn't postponed too long, fair minimum time to build up bonus rewards from farming in area, build up bonus rewards for next challenge. UW levy system territories connected by clan further increased bonuses form nodes and mobs loot tables, aswell as increase the kinds of loot you would get when you req levy, should have a bonus rewards over baseline village rewards relative to AOI of owning alliance. After 4-6 hours IMO fair time to retake.

    In relation to late times ppl can capture a village, feel like a kind of hold on how late a siege can be dropped on village kinda becomes irrelevant if the loot and the benefits is able to just be regained shortly after a clan can get some ppl on to try to contest a village. Long protection times definitely beyond 6 hours makes it become too much time that it HAS to be someone else's. If its like 4-6 IMO its a time frame after capping a village that a clan would be able to then farm the area for a good while gaining from the territory bonuses and the loot from attacking and taking the village would not only be a decent baseline representation of the area, but also an increased amount of loot from whatever was farmed.

    In UW levy loot even expanded to a percentage of what was farmed in the areas connected. The more territories connected the more bonuses you got on loot chances for rares even from nodes and base line increase of amount of gold dropped on all mobs. Think this aspect should be applied to capped villages because it then allows for villages in one area to have loot from another that was as if being moved around their AOI since it was being farmed and a percentage was being spread out evenly among the connected levies. Think if someone caps late night its something u naturally would have to swoop up later if u don't got the ppl, but when u do u are guaranteed bonuses including 1 way port to village from holding for what can be seen as a fair amount of time afterwords. Personally feel 6 hours is ideal even if its a successful defense or offense.

    Village defense building reinforcements gives reason to asset village walls, fortification. Maybe allow bank to be built in village. Allows for more use for sieges weaponry, and more need for more like catapults. Further housing damage to bring in aspect of not only capping, but asseting a village, even if u cap it for the loot. Repairing house should remain fairly cheap if portions of house can be repaired and replaced as easily as a door.

    Also want to add that I once before suggested villages have a reinforcement concept to it to where you build walls around villages and maybe allow a bank to be built. Figure if ppl can just build open world houses and if there is open world building with territory control towers, that maybe villages could have an area set around them that ppl can't add homes and walls and wall towers would be built surrounding the village. Would give more reason to asset things to take a village. Would also give more reason to use more siege equipment such as siege hammers and spikes, but should implement catapults and bring more use to other weaponry like scarabs and war hulks.

    Suggested before that houses should be able to take further asset than just a door being destroyed (and also placed open when replaced) with windows and portions of the wall and roof and floor destroyed, making holes into the building at certain points allowing entry from different angles. This along with things being build around villages would bring more than just capping a village, but you could also leave it more in ruin. Figure house repair would be like something as cheap as doors for windows and flooring/walling/roofing all low amount of base materials and since then base materials got even easier to get. Figure building walls ect for village defense would be fairly on the cheaper end like a building mod are for a wall in cities. Safes cannot be destroyed nor anything effecting housing binds/recalls. Easy to repair house with repair shards like doors are but portions of house needs to be broken down by hitboxes representing the sides of the house spikes/hammered.
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