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  1. semenchik
  2. Degamra
  3. Degamra
  4. Marxman
    Marxman HPV
    Cool avatar :p
  5. Izure
    Izure Nine Breaker
    Hey, was wondering if you can go down a bjt in the q4 quartz and q3 stone if I buy them all and keep buying them from you forever. No more waiting for buyers
  6. ManHanz
    ManHanz Benevolence
    Yo Bene! It's Likwid, What up brother, I just got home form deployment 2 days ago and heard a nasty rumor Darkfall was back. I'm loading up now. Hope to see you in game brother.
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  7. Alexander thedutch
    Alexander thedutch Neilk
    hey, i logge dinto a dungeon and lost my allignment :S, is it possible to fix this??
  8. Alexander thedutch
    Alexander thedutch Bloodscar
    Hi after entering a dungeon is was blue and lost all my allignment, would love to see it restored.
    1. Bloodscar
      Please submit a /gm_report while in game to receive assistance.
      Jun 18, 2017
  9. Titeanus
  10. Jakyocaw
    Asuhhh dude
  11. CrownOfThorns
    Gave away all gold and items, uninstalled. Goodluck!
  12. AzraelVII
    AzraelVII propain
    Any idea when hes getting on?
    1. propain
      Hes on in the morning and night usually
      Jun 13, 2017
  13. Gryphon331
    Waiting for the servers to come back up.
  14. Daniel
  15. Dre4m
    King Bing
  16. leperface
    leperface Kwatos
    Ey man, I wanted to apologize. I was drunk in RoA discord, and without realizing it I accidentally switched to some discord you brought us into to play overwatch a while back. People were talking politics I think, and I said some rude shit about how they needed more skill gains. I soon realized I was in wrong discord, and noped dafuq out lol.
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    2. Kwatos
      All good man!
      Jun 6, 2017
  17. Shredz
    Grief Goon
  18. nerdSlayer
    Theonly Blackelf (The Silver Haired Black Stallion)
  19. PleaseSir ItsLeppy
    PleaseSir ItsLeppy Kwatos
    Oi puss.. how bout you get your ass in game and let me try to kill you like old times.
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  20. PandahSykes